Guide to Free Pokies for Beginners

For several decades, people from all over the world have found a great deal of joy in pokies. The earliest versions of pokies were originally meant for simple recreation and not for gambling. Today, many people still consider pokies as a pastime. This guide plays up key things you need to know about free pokies. Also, consider visiting for more elaborate knowledge about online casinos.

5 Reel slot Machines

The five-reel format is commonly found in real-life gambling venues as well as most of the popular video and 3D pokies. The boards of such 5-reel pokies are generally larger and as a result, provide players with many more ways of forming a win. They feature up to 25 paylines per spin. These 5-reel slots are generally known for more bonus options.

The bonus options exhibited in these pokies have mini-games, free spins, scatters, and wild symbols. Generally, they are a lot more entertaining and interactive. If you are used to the animation of the modern video games and high-quality graphics, then the 5-reel pokies will suit you right. Most players love this variation of poky as it comes with very high payouts.

3 Reel Slot Machines

The 3 reel slot machines generally have the same format as the classic slot machines. They function more or less like the old-fashion slot machines. That is the reason behind this game not offering multi paylines and other considerable features. When playing a 3 reel slot machine, an individual needs to get three same symbols on each reel in order to win.

Some people call the 3 slot pokies 'one-armed bandits'. These games are more basic than their jazzy 5-reel slot counterparts that are commonly found in online casinos and pubs. Due to their simplicity, most punters prefer playing them. The 3 reel pokies are based on pre-digital age machines. They feature a single payline that stretches across three reels. When three same symbols appear on the payline, a player wins.

The Online Pokies

Online pokies have made a significant contribution to the gambling industry. When going to play at the local brick-and-mortar casinos, punters would be expected to dress up and head to their local casino or pub. While at the physical casino machines, they would throw some gold coins into the poky machines. With the coming of online pokies, such punters breathed a sigh of relief.

The punters can now enjoy playing their favourite games for real money from the comfort of their home. The number of online pokies has grown rapidly since 2004 and currently, there are numerous online casinos with very interesting games. More interesting is the fact that some of the online pokies have very huge welcome bonuses that new entrants into the game get upon signing up.

Our Final Thought

There are many websites where you can browse and play pokies. All you need is to ensure that the game you are playing is authentic, licenced and regulated by the concerned authority. You can find land-based pokies in hotels, RSL's sports clubs, casinos, and pubs. An absolute beginner must strive to know the basics of each game and then try playing the free version before wagering later on.